2018-2019 Budget 2018-2019 Budget

Mayor's Message

I am pleased to deliver Somerset Regional Council’s 2018/19 budget to the community.

Council’s $44.4 million budget will continue to support and enhance our rural lifestyle while furthering Council’s vision of delivering effective services and keeping rates affordable. 

I am proud that our Council remains one of the few debt-free local governments in Queensland and that has been achieved by our commitment to long-term financial sustainability.

Our Council has worked extremely hard to keep the residential, small business and farm rate rise to 2.5%. As a result, we are pleased to confirm that the average nett rates and charges in our urban residential rating category will be maintained at $1,061 per year and the average net rural residential rates and charges at $1,287 per year. Government statistics are available to show how favourably this result compares with other areas.

Council will continue to offer its generous discount of up to 15% for rates paid in full by the due date. Our budget is a responsible one. It focuses on improving our rural road network, enhancing our community services including sport and recreational facilities, libraries, parks and supporting our small businesses through increased promotion of our region as an ideal destination and more.

We are responsible for delivering cost effective, equitable and efficient services and assets which reflect the needs and expectations of our residents and I’m proud to say we’ve achieved that. Council is guided by our long-term planning objectives to achieve these goals and our 2018/19 budget is one that continues to deliver.

Council will be again inject millions into replacing 12 ageing timber bridges. This investment will serve us well into the future by reducing our ongoing maintenance costs and supporting our farmers, families and improving overall connectivity. I’m also pleased to report that Council has almost replaced all of its timber bridges in Somerset.

Myself and Councillors Dan Hall, Helen Brieschke, Sean Choat, Cheryl Gaedtke, Otis Ogg and Bob Whalley are pleased to deliver this budget to Somerset residents.



Somerset Regional Council Mayor

Graeme Lehmann


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