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Somerset Region Early Warning Network

Somerset Regional Council has partnered with the Early Warning Network (EWN) to provide Somerset region households with free severe weather alerts. The alerts are location-based, so you only receive warnings if your residential address may be impacted.

Alert types

Alerts are sent by:

  • email
  • SMS (optional)
  • recorded message to your landline (optional)

If you choose both the SMS and landline options, only extreme alerts will be sent to your landline.

Weather events

By monitoring Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather warnings and other sources, EWN sends alerts based on potentially dangerous weather events. The alerts cover weather events such as:

  • hail and severe thunderstorms
  • destructive winds and cyclones
  • floods and tsunamis

NOTE: the alerts sent by this service are not intended to provide a widespread 'general' type alert. These alerts are targeted to areas that are specifically going to be affected by an event. For example, if there are hailstorms moving across the Northern part of the region, but are not expected to affect the Southern parts, only residents registered in the predicted path of the storms to the North will receive an alert.

Alert subscribers

You can use the free Somerset regional Council Early Warning Network if:

  • you are a Somerset region resident
  • you register your residential address
  • no-one else in your household has registered for alerts

Outside the Somerset region, residents can get the alert service for an annual fee by contacting EWN.

Alert delays

All EWN alerts rely on independent telecommunications networks. As emergencies can cause some system failure, alerts can be delayed or not received. Keep a battery-powered radio handy as a backup in emergency situations and listen out for weather warnings.

Registration (Join the Early Warning Network)

Complete the online early warning registration form to get free severe weather alerts. Click HERE to be taken to the registration page.

You can also collect a registration form by visiting Council, or contact Council to have one mailed to you.

Change your details

Registered subscribers can change contact details or the type of alerts being received. Click HERE to amend your details.


To unsubscribe from the Early Warning Network, email EWN.