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Council Continues to Campaign for Upgrades to Highway

SOMERSET Regional Council is continuing to campaign for upgrades to the state-managed Brisbane Valley Highway.

Somerset Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann said upgrading connectivity between the Somerset region and Brisbane, and ultimately reducing travel time, is essential with the growth and projected population increase of the region.

“There is a 6% annual increase in traffic on the Brisbane Valley Highway just south of Fernvale,” Cr Lehmann said. 

“These figures are a clear indication that thousands of people are using this major highway every day, if we can deliver high-speed connectivity or even improve on the existing transport options, it will ensure the safety of road users and improve efficiency of this important freight and connectivity corridor.”

Cr Lehmann said upgrading transport opportunities and connectivity for rural regions was vital for long-term sustainability.

“In terms of supporting rural communities to proposer and to support small business through an increase in tourism, connectivity is paramount,” he said.

“It is a multi-faceted approach that will support various industries and people in our rural communities from small business owners, farmers and families.

“Somerset is now home to the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Australia’s longest recreational rail trail that caters for cyclists, walkers and horse riders and the tourism opportunities are endless with improved transport from Brisbane.

“The rail trail starts in Ipswich and crosses through three other rural Council boundaries. With improved connectivity to even the start of the trail we are supporting neighbouring communities to the benefits and spreading the economic benefits.”