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Dog Attacks on Animals

After recent reports of dog attacks on stock by both domestic and wild dogs, Council would like to remind dogs owners of their responsibilities to contain their dogs on their own property and to ensure that all animals are under effective control when in public spaces.

Dog owners must keep dogs in or provide a proper enclosure on their property and must not allow their dogs to roam.

Specific information on the requirement for proper enclosures can be found in Council’s Subordinate Local Law No 2 (Animal Management) 2011, however generally enclosures must be:

  • Appropriately sized, and;

  • Suitably fenced to stop the dog from escaping over, through or under the fence.

Dog owners must also ensure that dogs are under the effective control of a responsible person when in a public place. This means a dog should be on a leash and the person must be able to control the animal should it react in a manner that could be considered to be excessive or aggressive.

Regarding wild dogs sighting or attacks, Council runs a number of programs to assist landholders in controlling the impacts of wild dogs, including,

  • Wild dog 1080 baiting program.

  • Wild 1080 bait meat subsidy program.

  • Wild dog trapping program.

Further information on Council’s pest management program can be found at

To report sightings or attacks from wild dogs or domestic dogs please contact Council on 5424 4000.