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Hi-tech Gear Gives Somerset’s Roads Good Rating

More than 800km of sealed bitumen road network were assessed during surveys conducted in the region in January this year with results largely positive for Somerset.  

Shepherd Services recently presented its findings from the survey to Council in a Somerset Regional Council Road Condition Report 2016/17.

The survey involved use of hi-tech Road Asset Condition Assessment System technology and revealed that Council’s sealed road network was generally in good shape with only 3% showing signs of failing pavement.

Somerset Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann said this was great news and would be invaluable for road surface management in Somerset.

“The Report helps provide advance warning to Council of road segments in danger of pavement failure and ‘crocodile cracking,’ similar to those currently occurring on state-maintained roads,” he said.

“The survey data also allows Council to maintain our bitumen roads and prevent these sorts of issues before they appear and cause inconvenience to road users,” he said.

Rehabilitation works for segments identified as potential problems identified in Shepherd’s Report will be considered as part of the 2017/18 budget.

Data showing potential failures in State controlled roads from the Report will also be provided to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for its information.