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Rates Auction a Success in Somerset

SOMERSET Regional Council has successfully sold an 8.8 hectare property at popular Windsor Park estate, south of Esk.

Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said the property was subject to rate arrears and was auctioned at Council’s Esk office on 12 April.

“Council works hard with property owners to avoid holding these rate auctions but sometimes there is just no alternative,” Cr Lehmann said.

“There was a good roll-up at the auction, some fairly spirited bidding and we are grateful for the support we received.

“Council will be able to recover nearly $9,000 in overdue rates from the proceeds and also the costs of selling the property with the remainder of the proceeds to be distributed as per legislation.

“We have now referred a further 10 overdue rate properties to our solicitors to finalise and while we hope to avoid auctions, we did give the owners notice of our intentions last October.”

Cr Lehmann said while the majority of ratepayers in Somerset do the right thing and pay their rates, some didn’t.

“Rates pay for vital services to be delivered to residents and visitors to our region including roads, public lighting, parks, emergency services, library services,  kerbside rubbish services and much more.”