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Somerset Council Recycles Several Tonnes of Waste Metal

MORE than 130 tonnes of metal dumped at Somerset Regional Council’s waste facility at Esk has been recycled.

Council has partnered with Sims Metal Management to recycle the metal waste dumped over several months at its Esk landfill site.

Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said the recycling initiative was not new.

“Council has already recycled a minimum of 130 tonnes of waste metal this year,” Cr Lehmann said.

“This initiative forms part of Council’s practical recycling strategy that sees metal, batteries, cardboard, glass and more recycled through our four refuse sites in Somerset.

“Somerset residents are practical people and we encourage residents to take advantage of free recycling available at our refuse sites at Coominya, Esk, and Kilcoy and Harlin.

“If we work together on recycling, we will get the biggest reduction in waste volumes going to landfill for the least cost to our community.”