Applications on Public Notification Applications on Public Notification

Below are the Development Applications currently on Public Notification. If the application you are looking for is not listed, the public notification period may have ended or not yet commenced.  For further information please contact Council’s planning section on (07) 5424 4000. If you wish to obtain a copy of a Scrutiny File, you need to make a request in writing. The costs are as follows:

Black and White  
One page No charge
2 to 5 copies regardless of volume $1.10
A4 – single sided $0.11
A4 – double sided $0.22
A3 – single sided $0.22
A3 – double sided $0.44
USB $60.00

Public Notification Scrutiny Files Public Notification Scrutiny Files

Scrutiny Files

DA15741 Access from Desktop
DA15912 Access from Desktop
Subfolders: Application material, Response to Councils Information Request
Access from Desktop
DA16415 Access from Desktop
DA16486 Access from Desktop
DA16494 Access from Desktop
DA16529 Access from Desktop
DA16593 Access from Desktop
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