Toogoolawah Toogoolawah

The first settlement in the Brisbane Valley was in 1841 by the McConnel family at Cressbrook Station. McConnel’s land was later divided to create the town of Toogoolawah.

It lays claim to one of the most significant events in Queensland history. In 1873 Queen Victoria sent a small herd of red deer as a gift after Queensland was named in her honour. The deer were released at Cressbrook Station in Toogoolawah and descendants of those deer can be found throughout the region today. 

Stay overnight at one of the town’s hotels and take a step back in time by enjoying a movie, in the old country style, at the Alexandra Hall.  Get to know the locals in one of the many country pubs on the Main Street where many stories can be discovered, or sample a great meal at one of several restaurants and eateries.

For the adventurous, feel exhilarated by sport parachuting or try a tandem skydive above the township. Visitors can be thrilled by Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield’s Festival of Flight, which is held annually in August.

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