Toogoolawah Toogoolawah


The first official settlement in the Brisbane Valley was in 1841 when the McConnel family established Cressbrook Station. A portion of their land was later divided to create the town of Toogoolawah as a service town supporting the dairy industry and Nestle canning factory.

Today Toogoolawah is world famous thanks to the proximity of the Ramblers Drop Zone. Famous for fun, the drop zone hosts thousands of national and international skydivers and features the biennial Equinox skydive and music festival each alternate October. Year round you can learn sport parachuting or thrill to a tandem skydive.

Nearby Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield attracts flight enthusiasts with interest in vintage, ultralight and military aircraft. The open day and fly-in each May is a popular event drawing aeronauts from across Australia.

Back on terra firma visitors can walk, horse ride or bicycle the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail south to Esk or north to Harlin where railway buffs will be interested in the Y turn and Yimbun tunnel.

In town you will enjoy the heritage value of the quirky Alexandra Hall that shows movies every Saturday, complete with canvas sling back chairs. You can also visit the railway station now converted to a history museum providing local heritage and genealogy information, or drive by the unique architecture of the towns wooden churches.

The historic Nestle condensery building, now a regional art gallery highlights local, national and international exhibits.

For a taste of truly authentic rural culture, time your visit to take in the atmosphere of the fortnightly cattle sales held every second Friday in Toogoolawah. As the biggest private store cattle sale yards in Queensland the sales provide urbanites with a special insight as they experience the unique sale language and fast paced auctioneering.