Words for Wellbeing Words for Wellbeing

The aim of Words for Wellbeing is to offer Somerset residents experiencing the symptoms of mild to moderate mental health problems, the opportunity to learn more about their condition through a specialist resource collection located in public libraries and community health organisations throughout the region.

The scheme will offer high-quality mental health self-help materials and will address issues such as anger, relationship issues, depression, financial management, grief, trauma and stress, amongst others. Most of the resources will have been written by leading psychologists and present self help versions of established treatment programmes. Audio books and DVD’s will also be available in the collection to cater for literacy issues and to combat the possible stigma associated with reading a book on mental health.

How does it work?

Words for Wellbeing resource collection will be freely available on library shelves. If the item is not immediately available, the library will get it for you from another branch as soon as possible—free of charge.

How long can I have the item?

The normal loan period is 3 weeks but if you need the item beyond this time, it's easy to renew it either at the library or by phone or over the internet.

Can books really help?

Yes they can. There is clinical evidence to show that books can be just as effective as other forms of therapy—and with the advantage of having no side effects. Books can work well either on their own or used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.