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Community Plan

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Council is committed to realising the community's vision of a natural, vibrant, prosperous, well planned and united Somerset – Where lifestyle is the destination.

Somerset Futures is our region's long term Community Plan. The plan provides direction to realise the vision and helps to consolidate the region's identity. The plan:

  • sets the 10 year vision for the whole community
  • identifies 5 themes which underpin the vision
  • sets guiding principles for decision making, and
  • outlines the desired outcomes and supporting strategies.

The Community Plan is the people's plan. It has been developed by the community, for the community and will guide how the themes and priorities of the community can be interpreted in Council's long term planning projects and processes. To build this plan, Council and members of the community participated in a variety of community meetings, reference group meetings, individual consultations and surveys focused on identifying the strengths, opportunities and challenges of our region and what this means for our future.

Council is grateful to all who participated, particularly as the plan was developed during a period characterised by significant trauma and grief for many as a result of the devastation caused by the January 2011 flood event.

Council is also confident that this plan will help guide our community's long term recovery and rebuilding from this disaster. In taking Somerset into the future, this plan provides a clear framework to help Council, state government, federal government, business, community groups, schools and clubs to work together to make the community's aspirations a reality.