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Hands on Healing Therapies

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Hands on Healing Therapies
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47 Lake Street, Atkinsons Dam, Qld 4311
0415 348 195
Bowen Therapy (Bowtech), McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) and Emmett4Horses Therapy. Bowen Therapy is a gentle but effective, non-invasive cross muscle therapy, utilizing minimal moves delivered with subtle precision. It helps bring the body into balance and improves mobility by sending messages deep into the connective tissue, muscles, tendons and nerve bundles. Ultimately retrieving a state of preferred cellular memory, therefore triggering health and well being within the body on many different levels - physical, hormonal, emotional energetically and spiritually. Emmett4Horses work very similarly to Bowen within the horse also which can increase movement, improve balance and flexibility and aid in the delivery increased performance of your horses. Symptoms which may be relieved are injuries from sport or accident, saddle soreness/girthing issues, tension in the back and lumbar, restricted forward movement. Standing short or uneven, stiff through the legs/dragging the feet and poor behaviour /performance. Scar Tissue work to compliment the Bowen and Emmett through tension and restriction release and to promote further scar healing.
Jeani Foley