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Somerset throws open books for audit

Somerset Regional Council has opened its books to auditors from the Queensland Audit Office.

Published: 6th June 2022


SOMERSET Regional Council has opened its books to auditors from the Queensland Audit Office (QAO).

The checks form part of a legal requirement under the Local Government Act.

Last month, Council received a 100% green audit traffic light result in the Queensland Audit Office’s annual report to State Parliament.

Somerset Deputy Mayor and Audit Committee member Councillor, Helen Brieschke, said, Council is subject to around $130,000 of internal and external audit activity annually.

“We work closely with audit to ensure our processes and systems meet the highest possible standards,” Cr Brieschke said.

“We are subject to routine audits to ensure that our tender and quotation decisions meet the legal, policy and procedure requirements and that every cent of public money we spend is appropriately authorised and reasonable and supported by complete and accurate supporting documentation.

“We are acutely aware of how competitive the market is for winning contract work from Council and acknowledge that for every contractor who wins a Council contract, there are others who are unsuccessful.

Cr Brieschke said Council’s audit record speaks for itself in showing that our quotation and tender decisions are fair and provide value for money outcomes for the community.

“We are one of only 14 Queensland councils with 100% green audit traffic lights from QAO and this is something that the community can be very proud of,” she said.

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