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Other Animals

Horses, cattle and other stock


Keeping horses, cattle or other livestock can be rewarding but there are some responsibilities that come with ownership. Before buying livestock, it is important you understand their needs and make necessary provisions for the care and welfare of the animals.

When planning to purchase livestock consider if:

  • you have adequate space
  • the land use is suitable
  • the property is adequately fenced
  • you have time to care for the animal/s
  • you can afford the associated expenses.


Note that not all properties are suitable for keeping livestock. Council has restrictions preventing animals being kept on small lots of land.

Please refer to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for specific state legislation relevant to the keeping of livestock, and contact Council to determine if any restrictions apply to you.

As a pet owner you have a responsibility to provide for the welfare of your animals and to comply with:


Persons wishing to keep horses, cattle and other stock above the prohibitions may apply for a development approval. Please contact Council’s planning and development department for more information.