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Somerset Regional Council, being a rural setting with a number of small towns, provides people with the opportunity to build in one of the beautiful small towns or on one of the many of rural type blocks. Land is available in all sizes, and provides challenges in building near one of the lakes, rainforest or mountainous ranges.

Development permits must be obtained for the erection, re-erection, alteration and/or addition to any building in the Council region. Council officers are happy to discuss your project with you. A list of requirements and the various forms can posted to you or collected from one of our offices.

APPLICATION LODGEMENT - may be made by mail to PO Box 117, Esk Qld 4312 or personal delivery at one of our offices.

PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS - occurs at Esk office only.

INQUIRIES ABOUT APPROVALS - are best directed to Esk office, ph 07 5424 4000 or

APPROVAL TIMES - are generally within five days of lodgement.

APPROVALS - are normally mailed to the applicant and the owner.

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS - advices are mailed to the applicant after being assessed.

BUILDING & PLUMBING WORKS - including earthworks should not commence until the approval is issued. Not even with an engineer's supervision!

INSPECTIONS - during construction progressive inspections are carried out to ensure that your asset is sound :

  • Foundation Inspection (footings with steel in place prior to concrete pour).
  • Slab Inspection (slab with steel in place prior to concrete pour).
  • Frame Inspection (frame for timber and steel, wall steel for block work).
  • Final Inspection (finals on building).

Note : Sheds and carports are usually covered by two inspections only (footing/slab and a final).

BOOKING INSPECTIONS - can be done by telephone (07) 5424 4000 giving 24 hours notice. Approval Permit number is required to be quoted when you book an inspection.

FORM 16 INSPECTION CERTIFICATES and FORM 21 FINAL CERTIFICATES - are issued when works are inspected.

SWIMMING POOLS - require a permit. All pools and spas are required to be fenced.

BUSHFIRES AND FLOODING are a feature of this rural shire. Personal risk and building design need to be considered in areas that are likely to be affected.

ALL WORKS MUST COMPLY with the Planning Scheme, the Queensland Building Act, the Plumbing & Drainage Act, and all other relevant Acts, by-laws, and regulations including the Building Code of Australia, the Australian Standards, and relevant technical publications.

Remember, if in doubt call us for free advice prior to commencing your project.

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