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Back row (left to right): Cr Michael Bishop, Mayor Jason Wendt, Cr Brett Freese 
Front row (left to right): Cr Kylee Isidro, Cr Tiara Hurley, Cr Sally Jess, Cr Helen Brieshke



Mayor Jason Wendt
M 0498 020

Jason Wendt was first elected as a Councillor for Somerset in March 2020 and in March 2024 was appointed Mayor.

He has proudly called the Somerset region his home, together with his wife Laurisa and their three boys for more than two decades.

Jason is a qualified vet who graduated with first class honours and has practiced since 1996. In his spare time, you will find him working on the land, in his tractor or the cattle yards across Somerset. 

In addition to his passion for animals, Jason is passionate about community and has actively been involved in the Fernvale Rural Fire Brigade for more than two decades, amongst other community roles.

Jason is a progressive thinker who wants to empower the community to help create a sustainable future.

He is an advocate for effective and well-thought-out development that balances the liveability of the Somerset region with its rural amenity.


Mayor Jason Wendt Register of Interest - 5 May - 2021

Mayor Jason Wendt Register of Interests update - 6 December - 2021

Mayor Jason Wendt Register of Interests update - 8 April - 2024

Mayor Jason Wendt Register of Interests update - 18 June - 2024  

Register of Interests annual confirmation




Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke
M 0438 149 954


Helen Brieschke moved to the Somerset region in 1976 after experiencing Cyclone Tracy, in Darwin as a child.

She has been an active volunteer in the community since her teenage years and has held executive positions in many associations. Helen has been actively involved with the historic Toogoolawah Pictures, Alexandra Hall, for the past 37 years.

Helen, and husband David owned and operated a wholesale milk distribution business in the Somerset region for 33 years, while working and raising a family.

Cr Brieschke was first elected to Council in 2012 and was elected Deputy Mayor for a second term in 2024.

She has a strong commitment to the community with a keen interest in recreation, environment, the arts and Councils core services.

As an experienced Councillor of more than a decade, Cr Brieschke is dedicated to fulfilling her role in representing the Somerset community

Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke Register of Interest - 2020

Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke Register of Interests Annual Confirmation - 2022

Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke Register of Interests Annual Confirmation - 2023

Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke Register of Interests Annual Confirmation - 2024





Cr Kylee Isidro
M 0477 037 462


Born and raised in Somerset, Kylee Isidro (nee Lukritz) was first elected as a Somerset Councillor in 2020 before being reelected in 2024.

She has a wealth of local government customer service experience backed by a Diploma in Local Government Administration.

Prior to progressing her local government career in Somerset, Kylee lived in Africa and the United Kingdom working in the pharmaceutical and IT industries.

She is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, expanding arts and culture, disaster management, tourism growth and economic development.

Kylee, a mum of two daughters, is a fifth descendant of two Somerset families, and is passionate about the region and sustainable development.


Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interest - 2021

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests Update - March - 2023

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests Update - August - 2023

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - November - 2023

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - 18 December - 2023

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - 19 December - 2023

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests Annual Confirmation

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - 18 March - 2024

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - 20 March - 2024

Cr Kylee Isidro Register of Interests - 2024


Cr Brett Freese
M 0407 656 608



Brett Freese was first elected as a councillor in 2024 but he is no stranger to Somerset having lived at Glamorgan Vale, on a family farm, for most of his life.

Dedicated to serving the community, Brett has had various involvement with several groups and boards including the Glamorgan Vale Water Board and the Lowood and Fernvale Community Bank.

Brett has a background in information technology and spent much of his life working across multiple industries including water, local government, transport, telecommunications and agriculture.

He is passionate about the agricultural industry, infrastructure management, pest management and tourism.

Cr Brett Freese Register of Interests - 2024

Cr Tiara Hurley
M 0415 441 064

For the past decade, Tiara Hurley has called Somerset home. In 2024 she was elected as a Somerset Councillor. 

Together with her husband and their two young children they live on a cattle grazing property at Lower Cressbrook and have strong agricultural ties.  

Since moving to the region, Tiara has embedded herself in the community by volunteering her time on campdraft associations in Esk, Kilcoy and Toogoolawah, being part of the Toogoolawah Show Society and the Toogoolawah State School P&C.  

She has experience in earthmoving and demolition, real estate sales, has an MC Multi-Combination Truck Licence and more recently completed a Diploma of Local Government.

Tiara is interested in economic development, roads and transport, and striking a balance between growth and environmental conservation. 

Cr Tiara Hurley Register of Interests - 2024

Cr Michael Bishop

Michael was first elected to Council in 2024 and has a deeply engrained passion for community development.

For the past decade he has called Somerset home and advocated, through various roles, for improved services for rural communities.

With a lengthy background in clinical services, Michael has served on many boards across child and youth services, mental health, has a background in occupational therapy and is an allied health professional.

He was also a foundation member of the Mental Health Council of Australia.

Amongst his many interests, community development and social inclusion rate highly followed by preserving heritage, tourism management, events and infrastructure development.

In his spare time, he enjoys arts and culture, writing and gardening.  

Cr Michael Bishop Register of Interests - 2024

Cr Sally Jess
M 0408 769 445

Sally Jess has a long association with the Somerset region, including completing her primary and high school education at Esk and later Toogoolawah.

In 2003, together with her husband, Sally purchased a beef cattle and cropping farm at Esk. In 2024, Sally became elected as a councillor for the Somerset region.

She is passionate about representing the community and had a vision for growth in Somerset.

For more than a decade Sally has been the secretary of the Esk Show Society. She’s also supported many in the community through her work as a multifaceted entrepreneur including interior design, e-designer and offerings through an online boutique.

With a certificate in business, Sally is passionate about supporting small business, improving community engagement, tourism growth and supporting the agricultural, arts and culture sectors.

Cr Sally Jess Register of Interests - 2024