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Community Support Services Directory


There are a number of community support services and programs which have all or parts of Somerset Council area in their service catchments. Services can support residents in a number of ways. These include:

  • Being based in Somerset (eg Our House)
  • Outreaching to Somerset by attending service centres on a regular basis ( eg DVAC)
  • Outreaching through home visits (eg some Anglicare SQ services)
  • Servicing residents through attendance the centre’s premises often at Ipswich, Caboolture or another town nearby ( eg Relationships Australia)
  • Over the phone (eg Family Drug Support 24/7 helpline)

Community Support Services Directory



Information contained in this database is aimed to assist residents contact relevant services.  It is not the complete list of services, but serves as a reference to some of the services which are available. Please be aware that some services close down for a short period over the Christmas break, but will usually have recorded messages advising of their re-opening times.  If you are unable to locate a service or have difficulty understanding something about a service listed on this site, you are welcome to call Council  5424 4000 and ask to speak to the Community Development Coordinator.