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Community Support Services Directory


There are a number of community support services and programs which have all or parts of Somerset Council area in their service catchments. Services can support residents in a number of ways. These include:

  • Being based in Somerset (eg Our House)
  • Outreaching to Somerset by attending service centres on a regular basis ( eg DVAC)
  • Outreaching through home visits (eg some Anglicare SQ services)
  • Servicing residents through attendance the centre’s premises often at Ipswich, Caboolture or another town nearby ( eg Relationships Australia)
  • Over the phone (eg Family Drug Support 24/7 helpline)

Community Support Services Directory



Information contained in this database is aimed to assist residents contact relevant services.  It is not the complete list of services, but serves as a reference to some of the services which are available.  The information was last updated in October 2019 and will be updated as new information becomes available.  For more information on specific services, please call Council  5424 4000 and ask to speak to the Community Development Coordinator.