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Tenders and Public Quotations

Council tenders are advertised on this website and in various newspapers circulating in the local area, such as the Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Sun, Kilcoy Sentinel, Gatton Star and the Queensland Times. Tenders are also advertised in the Courier Mail and other publications as required.

All tenders are in accordance the Local Government Act of Queensland and any subsequent amendments. Tenders shall be submitted as per the tender documents.

Please Check Regularly for Tender Addendums or Additional Information

Further information about tenders for goods and services can be obtained by contacting Council's Senior Procurement Officer on (07) 5424 4000 or e-mail  Our Procurement Policy (PDF) is also available.

Council maintains a register of local suppliers who wish to be given the opportunity to quote for the supply of specified goods and services. "Local supplier" is defined as a supplier with a permanent workplace situated within the Somerset Regional Council boundaries. Request to be added to Local Suppliers Register.

Purchasing with Council

How the VendorPanel program works, and its benefits to Suppliers and Council.

VendorPanel is simply the name of the program that Council staff use to call for quotations and tenders. The program has several supplier lists (panels), which allow Council staff to call for quotations and tenders.

To register for VendorPanel please follow the links below.

Marketplace Registration  

Open Tenders 

Council staff have access to three purchasing lists.

Internal: Suppliers that have registered to do business with Somerset Regional Council for the supply of goods or services through the quotation and/or tender processes. These lists are managed by Council and you must be invited to join.

External: Panels created and managed by Local Buy Pty Ltd using only pre-qualified suppliers are available to Council through VendorPanel. You must tender through the Localbuy network to be invited to join these lists.

Marketplace: Designed by the creators of VendorPanel to provide a list of suppliers that may not fit into the internal or external lists. Council staff can select a category for the product they wish to purchase, receiving a list of suppliers to request quotes from. This list is Australia-wide, however Council selects local businesses that supply the required product.


Documents are available from


             Tender 1301 Sale of Land – Profkes Road, Mt Tarampa - Avaliable Soon


Somerset Regional Council invites Tenders for the Sale of Lot 5 RP137206, Profkes Road Mt Tarampa. This land has been identified as surplus to Council’s requirements. 

Detailed specification of the property is provided with the Tender Documents. Tenders Close 11am, Wednesday 24 May 2023.

Somerset Regional Council has placed Tender 1301 here. Tenderers must register to access documents at Submissions will only be accepted via the portal. For assistance please contact or (03) 9095 6181.


Tender 1289 – Closing 17 May 2023 at 11am


Town Steward & Mowing Services:

           Colinton, Harlin, Linville, Moore, Somerset Dam and Jimna.

Town Stewards:

           Kilcoy Townships

    Time Frame:

           Three years plus one, plus one year option period.


For the period 1 June 2023 – 31 July 2027

Tender No. 1294: Lot 473 CG2670 – Highwood Lane, Sheep Station Creek (37.2ha)


For the period 1 August 2024 - 31 July 2027

Tender No. 1295: Lot 6 RP176587 – Lowood-Minden Road, Lowood (1.501ha)

Tender No. 1296: Lot 94 CC3388 – Reinbotts Road, Lowood (5.14ha)

Tender No. 1297: Lot 2 SP117270 – Mount Beppo Road, Mount Beppo (30.52ha)

Tender No. 1298: Lot 22 RP144072 – Nerreman Road, Wivenhoe Pocket (4.113ha)

Tender No. 1299: Lot 2 SP225650 – Winya Road Kilcoy (2.98ha)



Pickles Auctions:

Plant 594 – 2014 - UD Tip truck

Plant 770 – 2012 - Moore tipping tri-axle dog trailer

Plant 260 – 2011 - Ammann AV26-2


Nasco Auctions:

Plant 677 – 2013 John Deere 6230 tractor

Plant 685 – 2016 McConnell PA5600 reach mower


Tenders close 11am on Thursday, 25 May 2023. Council is not bound to accept the highest, or any, tender. Council may invite all applicants to change their tender to take account of a change in tender specifications.

Tender documents can be obtained by contacting Council on 5424 4000 or

Auctions - Disposal of Plant

Council generally disposes of plant by trading in old plant on new plant or by auction. For a list of plant available for sale by auction please follow the below link/s to the auctioneer's website. (If there isn't a link present then there isn't any plant available for auction at this time)