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Tourism Strategy

1 - Introduction

1.1 Tourism Strategy Purpose and Objectives

The Somerset Tourism Strategy, 2021-2025: Providing the Foundations for a Vibrant Visitor Economy is Somerset Regional Council’s five-year plan to support the vibrancy, diversity, resilience and sustainability of the region’s visitor economy.

The strategy is designed to provide Somerset Regional Council with the direction it needs to help it play its role in growing the local visitor economy and to attract new businesses and opportunities from both within and outside the region. Informed by research, consultation and analysis, it presents a visionary yet practical plan of action to help promote and support the region’s visitor economy now and into the future.

Tourism promotion and development is a key area of focus under the Prosperous Somerset theme, which seeks to nurture and support “a region celebrated for its prosperous rural lifestyle, its agricultural strengths, its natural assets and its potential as a premier regional visitor destination”.

Somerset Regional Council is committed to playing its part in supporting the region’s economic development with a number of initiatives designed to advance the region’s potential as a premier visitor destination and a region celebrated for its rich rural lifestyle. The Somerset Tourism Strategy and the individual themes and actions it presents, is designed to realise this important objective, for the benefit of the community of the Somerset Region.

Somerset Tourism Strategy 2021-2025:  Providing the Foundations for a Prosperous Visitor Economy

Somerset Tourism Strategy 2021-2025:  Volume 2 Supporting Analysis and Recommendations