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Tourism Strategy

2.1 - Council’s Commitment to Supporting a Vibrant Visitor Economy


Focussed on its role in influencing the enablers of a vibrant visitor economy, Somerset Regional Council is committed to:

• Understanding our markets by continually working with the region’s tourism industry stakeholders to understand current and emerging markets and what they’re looking for / what they want and expect.

• Understanding and articulating our offer by working in collaboration with the region’s key stakeholders to identify and communicate our ‘personality brand’ and to build a positive narrative about Somerset’s tourism offer.

• Being strategic with an informed and targeted plan of action to address priorities for implementation.

• Being organised by defining, appropriately resourcing and communicating Council’s tourism services support roles and functions, integrating these activities across the organisation and building partnerships with industry and key agencies to build collective capacity.

• Being informed by continually monitoring our markets and our offer as well as strategy implementation progress and Council’s return on investment using a combination of output and outcome measures.

These considerations inform strategy action planning and implementation and represent what are Somerset Regional Council’s tourism planning, promotion and destination management planning principles. They also underpin the vision and charter for tourism in Somerset. Council’s commitment to supporting the region’s visitor economy, and its particular areas of focus reflect stakeholder views regarding Somerset’s tourism issues, challenges and opportunities for growth, which combined, inform the vision for a vibrant visitor economy. The vision is supported by the tourism charter, which describes Somerset Regional Council’s commitment to promoting, facilitating and co-ordinating tourism promotion and support activities in Somerset.


Vision for a Vibrant Visitor Economy in Somerset

Connecting country and the coast, Somerset Region, in the heart of South East Queensland, is a premier visitor destination, defined by a diversity of authentic experiences which capitalise on the region’s natural features and iconic attractions, as well as its recreational, heritage and cultural assets, driving sustainable tourism.

Somerset Regional Council’s Tourism Charter

Somerset Regional Council supports and promotes tourism in the region through sound strategic planning, infrastructure delivery and asset management. It takes a partnership approach to tourism promotion and development, working in collaboration with tourism agencies and operators to enhance the ‘Experience Somerset’ brand, through collaborative marketing, product development, visitor servicing and industry engagement.