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Tourism Strategy

1.2 - A Consultative Approach to Informing Strategy Development


To inform the preparation of this strategy, Somerset Regional Council consulted with a diversity of government, industry and community stakeholders via a series of meetings and forums. Strategy consultation included:

  • A ‘Scene-Setting’ Workshop with Councillors and the Executive.
  • Presentation to and discussion with the Economic Development and Tourism Committee.
  • One-on-one meetings with 27 external stakeholders including government agencies, tourism bodies,  community organisations and local businesses.
  • A Tourism Volunteers Workshop (21 participants).
  • A series of Somerset Regional Council Tourism Team focus group meetings.

The consultations have been instrumental in helping to establish a vision for the visitor economy of the future and to guide Somerset Regional Council’s efforts in tourism promotion and destination management. The consultations highlighted Somerset’s many strengths and attributes as well as pertinent challenges and opportunities for developing the region’s visitor economy in a sustainable manner consistent with Council’s Corporate Plan objectives.