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Mount Glen Rock

The Mount Glen Rock Adventure Park, also known as Mount Glen Rock, is an initiative of Somerset Regional Council. Mount Glen Rock is currently in the planning phase of development following the purchase of 127 hectares of freehold property on the western face of the mountain by Council in October 2020.

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Mount Glen Rock will be developed and managed in line with below vision and mission. The Mount Glen Rock Steering Committee, chaired by the Council CEO, is overseeing the development project. Click here to view the Mount Glen Rock Steering Committee Terms of Reference.

Deliver a uniquely Somerset outdoor recreational experience, that connects the natural environment and scenic beauty of the site to a vibrant local community

Inspire Somerset residents and visitors to experience, admire and benefit from Mount Glen Rock

Council has engaged Otium Planning Group and World Trail to deliver a Master Plan of the site to drive the future development of Mount Glen Rock. Community and stakeholder consultation for the Master Plan will occur in early 2022. The Master Plan, final version to be delivered May 2022, will feature mountain bike and walking trail locations, rock climbing and abseiling locations, site layout including vehicle and pedestrian circulation, access and parking locations, a pump track location and concept design, picnic areas, outdoor event area, amenity locations and concepts, and storage facilities.

The Mount Glen Rock Master Plan follows the Assessment of Economic Potential, Constraints and Opportunities Report endorsed by Council in July 2021.

Council has received funding through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority 2019 Bushfires Local Economic Recovery Program to construct a multipurpose trail along an existing fire break, a pedestrian bridge from Hassall Street to Mount Glen Rock and an elevated hiking trail in 2021/2022.

For further information regarding this project please contact Council on 07 5424 4000 or