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Development Application Fees and Infrastructure Charges

Fees and services for development applications can be found within Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges


Infrastructure Charges Register

The Infrastructure Charges Register (ICR) is published to comply with the requirements of the Planning Regulation 2017. The ICR contains details on (i) infrastructure charges that Council has levied on development approvals and, (ii) financial reporting on trunk infrastructure revenue and expenditure.

The infrastructure charges information is updated monthly and trunk infrastructure financial reporting information is updated quarterly.

To view an Infrastructure Charges Notice issued for Material Change of Use or Reconfiguring a Lot development approvals refer to eServices.

Access the Infrastructure Charges Register.

Access the Infrastructure Charges Revenue and Expenditure Reporting.


Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution - Charges Resolution (No.1) 2020 effective 1 January 2021

The Infrastructure Charges Resolution has been adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 and the Planning Regulation 2017.

It sets out certain requirements for new development to pay infrastructure charges for the following council controlled trunk infrastructure networks:

  • transport 
  • parks and land for community facilities 
  • stormwater.

Refer to Queensland Urban Utilities’ Infrastructure Charges Schedule for information on charges for water supply and sewerage trunk networks. 

Charges Resolution (No.1) 2020 effective 1 January 2021