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Direct Debit


How do I enter into/change a Direct Debit with Council?

A direct debit facility is available for rate payments twice yearly.  The total net amount of rates and charges due will be debited three (3) business days prior to the due date shown on the rate notice. 

The direct debit facility is only available if there are NO ARREARS on your rate assessment and is NOT VALID for Supplementary Levies.

To set up a direct debit facility with Council please read the Direct Debit Service Agreement, complete the Direct Debit Request form, print, sign and return to Council.

Direct Debit Agreement Form

To change/cancel a direct debit, you will need to complete the change/cancellation form and return to Council

within the time frame specified in your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement form.

Direct Debit Change/Cancellation form

For further enquiries please contact Council's Rates Section on (07) 5424 4000