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Native Animals

Council often gets enquiries regarding a variety of native and introduced animals.


Koalas in South East Queensland are in serious decline and although they are relatively widespread across the Somerset region they are not very common anywhere. Council has put together a Koala in Somerset brochure (PDF 6.3MB) to help explain some of the challenges and threats that koalas face, as well as how Council hopes to reverse their decline. 

Koalas have been listed as a endangered species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. 

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Flying Foxes

Flying foxes are protected native animals and play an important role in pollinating a variety of native plants, however, flying foxes can also cause concern to some residents. The state government remains the primary authority for the management of flying fox issues.

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Somerset is a bird watcher’s paradise, with numerous species to be found across the various habitats in the region. In collaboration with Birds Queensland, Council has produced a handy brochure called Bird Places of Somerset that lists 35 locations for spotting birds and the species most likely to be viewed at each one. 


Injured Wildlife

If you come across an injured animal, please phone the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). If possible move yourself and the animal to safety and wait for a local wildlife carer to arrive.

Pest Animals

Visit our Pest Management page for information about Council programs to assist landholders in the management of pest animals across our region.

Domestic Animals

Visit our Animal Management page for information about managing your domestic animals.