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Skateboard Rumble Roadshow Esk

The Roadshow Rumble Tour is bringing pro skateboarding to town!
This FREE event includes pro skating displays, coaching and a local jam for prizes and giveaways!
Esk Skatepark Thursday 28 June 1 - 4pm

The annual Somerset Skateboarding Rumble Roadshow Exclusive Fan Day.

This event, presented by Somerset Regional Council, is set to take place on an epic day at the Esk Skate Park between 1pm and 4pm on Thursday 27 June 2024.

Put your skateboarding skills to the test with the Skateboard Rumble Roadshow Tour.

Start the event off with watching high profile professional competitors and one local legend jam some tricks followed by a meet and greet and merch signing.

Two accredited skateboarding coaches will also be on hand to work with you to upskill or teach you how to skateboard.

To finish off the event an all ages fun competition, a best trick jam where prizes are given for people shredding and doing amazing tricks focusing on all levels of skill - beginners to experienced all welcome!

Also enjoy a free BBQ!!

Registration for the skateboarding competition can be made on the day of the event.

Access the Roadshow poster here:

Date: 27th June 2024

Location: Esk Skate Park Heap Street

Cost: Free

Time: 13:00 - 16:00

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