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Have Your Say - Kilcoy SHS Growth

This survey was ended 5pm, 30 July 2021.

Somerset Regional Council and Kilcoy State High School have discussed the needs for future growth and expansion of the high school. In recent times, Kilcoy State High School has seen a significant increase in student numbers, with further growth expected. To ensure the viability of the school and to cater for these growing numbers, it is imperative for Kilcoy State High School to expand. Somerset Regional Council have identified two adjoining parcels of land at the southern and northern ends of the school, as a practical solution for the growing school.

Somerset Regional Council is currently trustee of the reserve to the north of the school on Taylor Street. This reserve is currently home to the Kilcoy Tennis Club Courts, the old Kilcoy Swimming Pool Amenities building, the Kilcoy Bi-centennial garden and some picnic tables. The area is also used for vehicular parking by the school community. Council is also trustee of the reserve to the south of the school on Seib Street. This Reserve currently houses Anzac Park, the facilities for the Kilcoy-Woodford Junior Rugby League and Kilcoy Softball.

If Council were to surrender the trusteeships of these parcels of land to the Kilcoy State High School, the additional space could accommodate the growing number of students at the school and provide scope for other future school initiated building projects, like the construction of an enclosed school hall with seating and modern facilities.

Kilcoy State High School is guided by the Department of Education’s Community Use of School Facilities Policy, which outlines the state government’s commitment to, and encouragement of community use of school facilities. As such, the Kilcoy State High School will continue to work cooperatively with the Kilcoy Tennis Club and any other club or incidental social user, who utilises the facilities on the reserves.

Council is seeking the views of the local Kilcoy community about the future of these reserves in relation to the proposed expansion of the Kilcoy State High School.

Further information is available via the following documents: