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Have your Say - Moore and Linville Flood Study

Linville / Moore flood study consultation

This survey was ended 5pm, 6 September 2021.

In partnership with the Australian and Queensland Governments and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, Somerset Regional Council has commissioned new flood studies for Linville and Moore towns.


By completing these studies, Council is also addressing the recommendations from the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry (2012) to ensure the following outcomes are achieved:


• A recent flood study should be available for use in floodplain management for every urban area in Queensland. Where no recent study exists, one should be initiated.

• For urban areas or areas where development is expected to occur: Councils with the requisite resources should develop a flood map which shows ‘zones of risk’ derived from information about likelihood and behaviour of flooding.

• Flood maps, and property specific flooding information intended for use by the general public, should be readily interpretable and should, where necessary, be accompanied by a comprehensive explanatory note.


The flood information obtained from the Moore and Linville Flood Studies will be used by Council to:


• Improve our understanding of existing flood behaviour and characteristics so as to more accurately inform flood risks across the specific areas of interest.

• Leverage off the knowledge gained from the understanding of the existing flood risk to investigate mitigation options to reduce the flood risk to the community within each of the townships.  The studies will further consider the feasibility of the mitigation options.


Council is seeking community input into the new flood studies and will be undertaking consultation at the locations as below. Technical officers will be available to discuss the flood studies including new mapping. RSVP’s are not required:


Linville Hall – 30 August 2021 - 4pm to 6pm


The flood study mapping will also be available on Council’s website until 6 September 20210 and comments and feedback can be provided via email to