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Have Your Say - Installation of Advertising Devices (Amendment) Subordinate Local Law (No.1) 2021


This survey was ended 5pm, 28 January 2022.

Council’s Election Signs Policy has been used since when it was first adopted in 2013 to control election signage erected by candidates for Local, State and Federal elections. The Policy provides authority to Council staff to control election signage by permitting the number of signs, requiring a Bond to be paid and providing guidance on where signs may be erected. However, not all sites can be controlled by Council particularly private property and Main Roads.

Council are proposing an amendment to the Subordinate Local Law on Advertising Devices to control Election Signs. This approach is easy to implement and monitor. This approach means that Council can utilise all the provisions within Subordinate Local Law 1.4 and repeal the Policy. No administrative processes would be required from Council other than providing advice to candidates and removing signs that don’t meet the standard/s. Election Signage is proposed to be incorporated into the Subordinate Local Law by including a specification of the appropriate signage along with the times places and conditions under which signs may be erected. 

Council will apply the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to all signage including election signage on Main Roads with the Permission of the Chief Executive of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). Council will administer the placement of signs on Main Roads based on Main Roads Standards. Council are currently seeking the TMR Chief Executive’s permission.

After Public consultation Council intends to repeal the Policy, amend the Subordinate Local Law and put in place the processes required to make the changes active.

Proposed Subordinate Local Law Amendment

Review of the anti-competitive provisions of the Subordinate Local Law

Proposed Fact Sheet to be for information to future electoral candidates