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Tenders and Public Quotations

Council tenders are advertised on this website and in various newspapers circulating in the local area, such as the Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Sun, Kilcoy Sentinel, Gatton Star and the Queensland Times. Tenders are also advertised in the Courier Mail and other publications as required.

All tenders are in accordance the Local Government Act of Queensland and any subsequent amendments. Tenders shall be submitted as per the tender documents.

Please Check Regularly for Tender Addendums or Additional Information

Further information about tenders for goods and services can be obtained by contacting Council's Senior Procurement Officer on (07) 5424 4000 or e-mail  Our Procurement Policy (PDF) is also available.

Council maintains a register of local suppliers who wish to be given the opportunity to quote for the supply of specified goods and services. "Local supplier" is defined as a supplier with a permanent workplace situated within the Somerset Regional Council boundaries. Request to be added to Local Suppliers Register.

Tender and Quotation Documents

Substituted Service of Notice of Intention to Sell Land for Overdue Rates or Charges
Kier Thomasina Ott as Trustee as the owner of-
L 21 RP840746,
502 Clarendon Road,
Clarendon, QLD, 4311.