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Health Info - Lead-based paint

Lead-based paint complaints


Activities investigated by Queensland Government

Contact Workplace Health and Safety if you have concerns with activities carried out by a builder or contractor, or activities occurring at a commercial/industrial premises.

Contact Queensland Health if you have concerns in relation to lead that:

  • is accessible to children
  • is used for water collection
    • when found on roofing, guttering, downpipes, or anything else used to fill a water tank or container
    • when found in or on a water tank or anything else used to store potable water (water used for drinking/showering/cooking etc.).


Activities investigated by Council

Council investigates the release of lead by homeowners and occupiers of residential premises.

The most common complaint is the sanding of lead-based painted material or structures by a homeowner on residential land.

Contact Council if you have concerns with the way your neighbour is working with lead.