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PAS Info - Apply

Application process


This process is for starting a new higher risk personal appearance service business.

You must obtain relevant planning approval, building approval and plumbing approval before you submit a higher risk personal appearance service licence application.


Prepare the supporting documents for your application

  • Plans are required for new businesses and where changes are made to the fit-out of an existing business.
    • Your plans will need to include:
      • a plan showing all equipment, benches, storage cupboards (storage of staff personal items), sinks, non-hand touch hand basin, door/window openings, location of staff areas and chemical/cleaning equipment storage areas to a suitable scale (e.g. 1:100)
      • cross sectional drawings through separate areas of the storage and customer service areas. Details are to include finishes to walls, floors and ceilings, heights of fixtures from floors and benches, junctions of walls and floors and lighting provisions to a suitable scale (e.g. 1:50)
      • a site plan showing location of premises in regard to other premises, including wastewater treatment devices, waste storage area and staff toilets, to a suitable scale
      • details of location and types of sterilising equipment and laundry facilities for sanitising towels, wraps and any other relevant items.
    • To help you prepare plans of your business, download the personal appearance services fit out guide (DOC, 729 KB).
  • Copies of infection control qualifications.


Personal appearance service licence application

  • Submit a higher risk personal appearance service licence application to Council. You are responsible for ensuring the application is complete.
  • Council will process your application within the legislative timeframe. Council will contact you should additional information be required.
  • When Council approves your plans, you can start construction or fit-out.
  • Upon completion of the fit-out, contact Council to arrange an inspection.
  • When Council approves your licence, you can then operate in accordance with the approved conditions