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Animal Management

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Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can be a great addition to a family, but there are certain responsibilities that come with ownership. The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 promotes responsible pet ownership and is the law that imposes dogs are registered with Council.

This page contains information about keeping cats and dogs, including noise management (barking dogs etc.), legislation and the stricter conditions for regulated animals.         

Dog Registration Application

Dog Registration Fees (2023-2026)

Dog Register Online Check

Animal Allowances

Lost Animals

If your pet becomes lost it is important to contact Council as soon as possible. We will endeavour to use Council registration tags or microchip details to identify owners of found animals wherever possible. Contact details relating to your pets microchip can be updated using online databases accessible via the Pet Address website, which will allow Council, vets and animal welfare groups to easily locate you if they find your pet.

Disclaimer - The information on this site is provided as a service by Somerset Regional Council. This page is normally updated each working day, however there may be times when it is not updated.

If you wish to confirm any information relating to impounded animals please contact the Regulatory Services Section of Somerset Regional Council on 07 5424 4000 between the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Please view the "Lost Animals" document to see what animals are currently in Council's Pound.

Collection of Animals from the Pound

Animals can be collected from Council during business hours 8am to 5pm, by prior arrangement subject to officer availability. It is recommended that you contact Council prior to 4pm on the proposed day of collection to assist with this process.

Birds and Poultry

Council regulates birds and poultry to ensure they are kept and cared for in a manner that complements the surrounding environment.

Keeping a household bird or poultry flock can be a rewarding hobby, but there are certain requirements in place to ensure they are kept in the best possible condition to ensure their comfort and prevent nuisance to neighbours.

You can keep several bird varieties in a residence without a permit, but there may be limits around:

  • bird types
  • number of birds
  • roosters

Other Animals

This pages provides information on bees, livestock, native animals, snakes and crows. 

Find information on keeping livestock, starting a bee hive, how to deal with swooping birds and snakes in your home.