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Birds and poultry

Henhouse or aviary?

It is worthwhile doing some research on the type of henhouse or aviary you will require. Factors to be considered in a henhouse or aviary will include:

  • easy access for regular cleaning
  • made from materials that are easy to clean and do not retain the heat
  • well ventilated but not draughty
  • a concrete floor with a rat proof wall is desirable
  • the use of non-painted metals should be avoided as these will retain the heat
  • litter should be spread around 100mm deep (suitable litter includes pine shavings, sawdust and straw - all free of chemical treatments)
  • a covered water trough outside the shed will reduce wet litter inside the henhouse
  • self-feeding troughs are ideal for a small flock
  • mount nesting boxes on the cool side of the shed and off the ground
  • pest proof (snakes, foxes, etc.)