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Economic Development Plan

Somersert Economic Development PlanSOMERSET Regional Council has further cemented its commitment to economic development by implementing an updated plan to further the region’s prosperity.

After more than 12-months of consultations and subsequent research, the Somerset Economic Development Plan 2015-2020, has been developed and approved for use by Council.

The plan highlights regional challenges and opportunities with a focus placed on creating a contemporary business and lifestyle region.

The plan aims to support the growth of towns, villages and traditional industries as well as encourage entrepreneurs.

The plan also places a focus on positioning Somerset as a leading lifestyle, recreation and leisure destination, particularly for south east Queenslanders.

Somerset Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann said the plan was developed with input from the region’s two business alliances.

“Council was keen to liaise with the business alliances in Somerset to seek their input and Council will now work to establish a working group made up of representatives from each of the alliances to implement the plan over the coming years,” Cr Lehmann said.

“It will take several years for Council to implement the recommendations in the plan however we can immediately start on strengthening the relationship between the business community and local government.

“If the Economic Development Plan has the support of the business community as well as private and public sector stakeholders and investors we can implement the plan over time as no one group has all the skills or resources to implement the plan and achieve the growth everyone wants to see.”


The Economic Development Plan and Tourism Strategy are implemented and monitored in consultation with Somerset Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee (EDTAC).


EDTAC Terms of Reference - SEE HERE


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