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Other Animals

Native animals


People sometimes find some native animals during their daily activities. All animals native to Queensland are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it is an offence to kill a protected animal. 


Native animals around the home

If you find a native animal (e.g. a possum or a snake) inside or outside your home you can hire an expert to capture and relocate the animal. Many native animal relocating businesses are listed in the phonebook under 'pest control'.


Swooping birds

Some native birds swoop during breeding season. Magpies, for example, start swooping in spring, after laying eggs. Usually the swooping stops once the young birds have left the nest, this normally happens at six weeks of age.

If you encounter a swooping bird, try to avoid the area or if you must travel through the area take measures to protect yourself. For example, use an umbrella when walking in areas where magpies swoop.