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Food info - Inspections

Inspections and enforcement


Legislation requires Council to monitor the standard of operations in business. They do this through a routine inspection program. The frequency of these inspections will depend on the type of food business and its level of compliance.

The following self-assessment checklists will help you prepare for and inspection:


Under the Food Act 2006 if you are operating a food business you must comply with the Food Safety Standards and any conditions on your licence.

Failure to comply with the Food Safety Standards or any of your licence conditions, may result in one or more of these enforcement actions:

  • a letter being issued requiring action or work to be conducted
  • a legal notice being issued requiring action to be taken or work to be conducted
  • issuing of a Prescribed Infringement Notice (PIN or on-the-spot fine)
  • suspension of a licence
  • cancellation of a licence
  • prosecution.


Food businesses can apply the due diligence defence during enforcement action.