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Food Info - Licence

Home based food businesses


Home kitchens can be used to operate a food business. Some home based food businesses need to have a licence, for example:

  • bed and breakfast (e.g. cooking bacon and eggs)
  • farm home stay
  • catering
  • preparation of food to be sold at markets
  • motel kitchens that are also used as a kitchen for onsite owners or managers.

You may not be allowed to make potentially hazardous foods in your home kitchen. Council assesses applications on a case by case basis.

Some home based activities don’t require a licence, for example:

  • preparation of food for a student boarder
  • preparation of food for a person as part of a home support service (e.g. a carer preparing food at the home of a person with a disability or family day care)
  • cooking demonstrations (e.g. kitchen product demonstrations at a private residence).