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Food Info - Licence

Food business licence types


Food business licences can be issued for fixed, mobile and temporary premises. 

A fixed food business includes:

  • cafe/restaurant
  • takeaway food shop
  • bakery
  • home business
  • child care centre
  • fruit and vegetable shop
  • food manufacturer
  • caterer.

A mobile food business includes:

  • food trucks
  • a food business that involves selling hamburgers from a motor vehicle
  • ice cream van
  • pie van (smoko truck)
  • mobile snack trucks
  • mobile food trailers
  • domestic water carriers
  • unpackaged food from a vending machine.

A mobile food business only requires licensing from one local council area in Queensland from where it is based.

Temporary food business include market stalls and stalls at fetes. If you operate your temporary business in more than one local government area, you are required to hold a food business licence with each of the local councils where you intend to operate.