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Entertainment events - Info

How to apply

Applications can be submitted (with the relevant fee) in person at Council offices or by surface mail.


The applicant for an approval must be a legal entity (e.g. person/s or company. Note - a trust name or business name is not a legal entity and cannot be the licence holder).


You should submit a complete application to Council a minimum of six weeks prior to the date of the event.


You may be required to submit plans with your entertainment event application. The plans should include:

  • A site plan to scale including details of the following, where applicable:
    • entry and exit points from the event and adjoining buildings
    • emergency services designated areas and access points
    • location and arrangement of noise sources
    • location and arrangement of light sources
    • location of restricted areas
    • method of proposed ventilation (for any indoor event)
    • location of bins and toilets
    • location of food and drinks stalls including potable water supply source.

You can view an example plan for an entertainment event.

  • A noise management plan may be required if your event includes live bands or amplified music. A qualified acoustic engineer should write your noise management plan and it should include:
    • a site plan with the neighbouring land use, location and orientation of stages and public address or audio systems
    • details of all possible noise sources and noise barriers
    • noise reduction measures to be used
    • details of the acoustic monitoring to be conducted during the event
    • a plan to notify surrounding premises of the event and potential noise
    • a plan to manage complaints received before, during and after the event.

You may be required to prepare and submit an event management plan to ensure that you address all of the high-risk issues during your event. For more information on developing an event management plan, see the event management planning guide.

Contact Council to check which plans are required for your event.



Council requires these certificates before issuing an approval for an entertainment event:

  • Queensland Fire and Rescue Service endorsement of evacuation plan
  • Workplace Health and Safety certification for amusement rides
  • Electricians certificate for generator enhanced power supply.


Application process

You must obtain relevant planning approval, building approval and plumbing approval before you submit an entertainment event application.

  • Submit your entertainment event application and plans to Council using the approved form. You are responsible for ensuring your application is complete.
  • Council will process your application within the legislative or agreed timeframe. Council will contact you should additional information be required to process your application.
  • When Council approves your application, you can then commence the event in accordance with the approved conditions.

Council may inspect the site before, during and after the event.