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Entertainment events - Info

How to comply





The following tools and resources allow the event organiser to know what is required to ensure the event is operating lawfully. When used effectively, these tools will assist to minimise the impact on patrons and surrounding neighbourhood and avoid enforcement action.



Council officers will monitor your event to check compliance with your approval conditions. If your event includes live bands or amplified music, they may also conduct noise monitoring. Noise from the event must comply with your approval conditions. If you do not have any approval conditions you will need to comply with the noise criteria for open air events, which can be found in section 440X of the  Environmental Protection Act 1994.



When operating an event, licence conditions and relevant legislation must be complied with. If you have difficulty complying, contact Council.

Failure to comply may result in one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • prescribed infringement notices (PIN) or on-the-spot fines
  • withholding of bond (or partial withholding) if applicable
  • event closure
  • prosecution.


Complaint management

Council has a duty to investigate and respond to complaints received. A complaint may result in any of the above enforcement actions.