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Pollution Info - Noise

Tools and machinery (Regulated Devices)


Tools and machinery, including the following, need to comply with the permitted noise levels and not cause a nuisance:

  • compressors and generators
  • ducted vacuuming systems
  • lawnmowers and edge cutters
  • impacting tools (e.g. hammers and nail guns)
  • leaf blowers and mulchers
  • oxyacetylene burners
  • power tools (e.g. chainsaws, drills and sanders).


Builders and owner-builders have different noise requirements.


Permitted noise levels

If noise from tools and machinery is audible at an affected premises between the following hours, the responsible person may be issued a fine or notice:

  • 7pm to 7am - Monday to Saturday
  • 7pm to 8am - Sundays or public holidays.


How to reduce noise levels

You can help to reduce noise by:

  • limiting hours of use
  • selecting a quieter model or quieter equipment, (e.g. sweep instead of using a leaf blower)
  • working indoors, if possible and away from noise sensitive areas, (e.g. bedroom and office windows)
  • performing regular maintenance on equipment
  • installing an acoustic enclosure on fixed equipment - check with the manufacturer or installer for advice
  • modifying equipment – check with the manufacturer or installer for advice.


This information is available as a regulated device noise fact sheet

Also available is a waste receptacles and associated noise fact sheet