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Pollution Info - Noise

Outdoor events


Outdoor entertainment events, including the following, need to comply with the permitted noise levels and not cause a nuisance to neighbours:

  • concerts
  • festivals
  • sporting competitions and races.


Permitted noise levels

If the noise at a premises is over the following levels, a fine or notice may be issued to the responsible person:

  • 7am to 10pm – noise is no more than 70 decibels (A)
  • 10pm to midnight – no more than 10 decibels (A) above the background noise level or 50 decibels (A), whichever is lower
  • midnight to 7am – no noise heard.



The permitted noise levels do not apply to:


How to reduce noise levels

You can help reduce the impact of noise levels by:

  • having a noise management plan
  • planning the location and orientation of stages, audio systems and amplifier devices – face away from neighbours
  • turning noise down, particularly the bass
  • letting your neighbours know about the event and providing an event hotline for complaints
  • monitoring noise levels during the event.