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Pollution Info - Noise

Building work noise

This information applies to builders and owner-builders with a permit. Home renovators using tools and machinery have different noise restrictions.


Permitted noise levels


If noise from building work is audible at an affected premises between the following hours, the responsible person may be issued a fine or notice:

  • 6:30pm to 6:30am Monday to Saturday
  • any time on Sundays or public holidays.


Sometimes building work noise can comply with the permitted levels but still be considered a noise nuisance when assessed against the emission criteria. In this case, Council can issue a notice to the responsible person.


How to reduce noise levels


You can help to reduce noise by:

  • limiting the hours of use (find out what times neighbours are most disturbed by the noise)
  • selecting quieter equipment
  • working as far as possible from neighbours and noise sensitive places (e.g. bedroom and office windows)
  • performing regular maintenance on equipment
  • installing a solid fence or barrier
  • installing an acoustic enclosure around fixed equipment (e.g. compressors (check with the manufacturer or installer for advice)
  • modifying equipment (check with the manufacturer or installer for advice)
  • let neighbours know about the noisy works and leave a contact number
  • if noisy work is ongoing, consider respite days or scheduling the work so there is a break from the noise
  • limit noisy work to certain times of the day when it is less likely to impact on neighbours.


This information is also available as a building work noise fact sheet